Grand Rapids city officials release statement on GRPD body cam video

GRAND RAPIDS, me. – The Grand Rapids Office of Oversight and Public Accountability issued a statement regarding the body cam video released by the Grand Rapids Police Department earlier this week.

The video was reportedly captured during a traffic obstruction on March 26th.

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The OPA says the video is “worrying” and that it is an example of something that should be evaluated by their staff. However, they are unsure whether they will be monitoring the case due to uncontrollable circumstances.

We learned that despite filing applications, GRPD did not receive any OPA documents from Internal Affairs.

OPA informs us that they will investigate the violence incident and other suspected GRPD violations if they are allowed access to the files.

“OPA will continue to urge GRPD to stand behind the values ​​outlined in their strategic plan,” said OPA director Brandon D. Davis. “Grand Rapidians deserve the accountability and transparency promised to them.”

Read the full OPA statement here.

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