“Freedom from Tyranny” rally in Detroit Lakes

DETROIT LAKES, MN (Valley News Live) – “I love seeing all of these patriots out here today,” said an organizer Eric Hanson.

At the Freedom from Tyranny rally in Veteran’s Park, Detroit Lakes, people wore flags, held signs, and played music to get their message across.

An organizer’s Facebook post about the event urges protesters to bring signs and banners on topics such as mask requirements, vaccination requirements and future bans.

“I think this is a protest against the tyranny we are witnessing at the federal level, where the government is assuming the authority to tell people that they cannot provide for their families unless they are given a vaccine that they may want or not. We think this is a personal choice and that people should be able to choose whether or not to get the vaccine, ”said political activist Spike Cohen.

Passing motorists honked and waved to show their support.

“I love each of these people. Even those who respect me with a different greeting, ”said Air Force veteran Dianne Moen.

This is the third rally of its kind in Detroit Lakes

“I think they talk to people to know they are not alone if they think this is the best way to go. We have to tell our representatives about this. We need to let our politicians know that it is unacceptable that we do not allow people to be held hostage to push for a vaccine, “Cohen said.

There have been many signs of an anti-COVID-19 vaccination mandate

“Rejecting a vaccine is not dishonorable. It’s a personal choice, it’s freedom. I bet if you’ve talked to half the people out here, they’ll be vaccinated. It’s not about the vaccine, ”said Moen.

The demonstration lasted 3 hours.

“There’s still a remnant of patriots, a remnant of Christians, I believe in godly people who are ready to fight for their country,” said Hanson.

“This is our country and you need to be aware, you need to get involved and you need to talk to each other without offending other Americans,” Moen said.

Protesters told us they hope to be back soon.

The organizers have told us that they would like to host another event like this one, but there are currently no plans.

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