Ferris Coffee shutters two Grand Rapids cafés

The Ferris Coffee building at 227 Winter Ave. NW in Grand Rapids will remain open until May 22nd. With the kind permission of GVSU

Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. announced it will close its two Grand Rapids coffee shop locations, citing a rough year under COVID-19 and the associated government shutdowns.

The coffee company announced on its website that its 40 Pearl St. NW location is now permanently closed, while the cafe at 227 Winter Ave. NW on the Grand Valley State University campus will remain open through May 22nd. The location at 839 Seward Ave. NW stays closed stay open.

“Although this decision was not a light one or easy to make, we made it,” the company said on its website. “Since moving to our main Seward Avenue location in 2018, our cafes have remained landmarks for our customers across town. … The ultimate impact of COVID on the economy and our business is not to be underestimated. With not one but two shutdowns hurting the retail economy, we just weren’t immune to the effects. “

Winter Avenue Café has been Ferris’ flagship since it was renamed and launched in 2014. It once housed all of Ferris’ operations, from administration to production. In 2018, Ferris sold the building for its technical building to GVSU. Ferris stayed in the room to continue serving the neighborhood.

In 2016, Ferris opened its second Grand Rapids location in the historic Michigan Trust Building at 40 Pearl. The café has been offering beer, wine and various sausage boards since 2019.

“Despite offering local craft beer, a selection of curated wines and unique snack options, the cafe suffered from downtime,” Ferris said on his website. “The business district has immense growth potential for the city and offers unique locations to both locals and tourists. We will always be grateful that we have been part of the growth of this area and look forward to the potential growth of the city in the years to come. “

While these two coffee shops are closing, Ferris will turn his attention to his main location on Seward Avenue and plans to expand the retail and coffee shop areas at their headquarters. The Ferris’ Holland and Lansing cafes will also remain open.

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