Eyesore Witmark near Grand Rapids finally being torn down

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WOOD) – After more than two decades of vacancy, demolition of the old Witmark building north of Grand Rapids began Thursday.

The building on Jupiter Avenue NE near Plainfield Avenue in Plainfield Township has long been in disrepair and township officials have been trying to do something about it for some time.

“This building has been one of the biggest complaints over the years,” Ward Superintendent Cameron Van Wyngarden told News 8. “As we went through the Reinventing the Plainfield (development) plan and gathered public input, this was one of the biggest comments we got, that they would like to see this building either revitalized or demolished and see something new there to see some new development take its place. “

Eyesore Witmark near GR wants to meet with wrecking ball

Witmark owned the property for nearly 30 years and opened it as an exhibition space in 1969. When Witmark collapsed, the property was sold to a foreign company that never found a new tenant. The building fell into disrepair with the company just enough to keep it in line with regulations. In the summer, the local council took measures demolish orders because of its dangerous and depraved conditions.

The bill for the demolition is not borne by the taxpayer, but by the client.

The property is now for sale.

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