Detroit Moroccan Restaurant Saffron De Twah Wants Plant Donations for Patio

Saffron De Twah, Detroit’s award-winning modern Moroccan bistro, will reopen on November 4th with a redesigned terrace. To decorate this room, the owner Omar Quais Anani seeks the help of the community.

The four-season pergola that lines the restaurants on the east side is adorned with hanging basket lights, heaters, and a Moroccan plate design that highlights a chef’s table. Owner Omar Quais Anani calls on the community to donate plants and pruning to beautify the pergola of the restaurant, which has been closed since March 2020.

“What better way for our community to become part of the space than to bring parts of their lives into it,” says Anani. “Hence the propagation of plants. They grow, develop and split up into new houses, just like people. “

The idea is to give the guests on Gratiot the feeling of being transported to a Sahara oasis. The call for green also embraces the core values ​​of sustainability and community at Saffron De Twah, Eater Detroit’s 2019 Restaurant of the Year.

“I’ve always been a do-it-yourself restaurant owner without a huge budget,” says Anani. “I want the terrace to feel like an oasis on the Sahara. If people want to call my district the food desert, then I will provide the oasis in it. “

After the terrace has opened, reservations for meals, Christmas parties and a VIP chef’s table experience can be made using the Tock reservation system.

Community members who wish to donate plants can reach Saffron De Twah through their social media accounts or by phone in the restaurant.

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