Detroit Farm and Cider hosts farm dinners to raise funds for cider house

Detroit Farm and Cider hosts a series of farm-to-table dinners on its 4 acres, creating an experience that combines fall fun with a sense of community and a seasonal, healthy meal.

The Saturday night series kicked off last week with a three-course meal prepared on site by chef Meiko Krishok who runs the grocery store and pop-up pop-up Pink Flamingo and is part of the team at Guerrilla Food, one Detroit-based grassroots project promoting food that nourishes the body and soul.

The guests dined outside on the farm at a long table, surrounded by free-range chickens.

The series, which is a fundraiser for the farm’s cider mill, runs through at least October 23, and Detroit farm and cider owner Leandra King says she plans to expand into the winter as well. In bad weather, the party with 150 people moves into the heated greenhouse with pond and waterfall.

King says the dinner profits will fund the construction of her cider barn starting next spring. The barn will house the cider presses and allow visitors to watch the process and purchase cider and donuts.

From left, Leandra King, owner of Detroit Farm and Garden, greets attendees for dinner with Kelly Jones from Canton, who is putting the Event helps.  Detroit Farm and Cider is offering farm-to-table dinners with music and horse-drawn carriage rides on Saturdays through October 23.

“This is the only variable that keeps us from being a full blown cider mill,” says King, adding that she tried to get grants and loans from the Small Business Association to pay for the building, but to no avail. “We put our knuckles on the floor and do it the best we can. These dinners are our way of raising funds so we can officially be the first black-owned cider mill in the country.”

Despite being fundraising dinners, guests get a lot for their $ 100 ticket. In addition to the dinner made from local ingredients, which includes organic cocktails and wine, the series also features live music, a horse-drawn carriage ride around the property, tours of the farm including the greenhouse – and the chance to pick apples to take away. At the end of the evening, King also wants to offer a campfire where guests can roast their own vegan s’mores.

Poached peach and plum dessert with candied nuts and whipped cream (or cashew cream) at a farm-to-table dinner at Detroit Farm and Cider in Detroit on September 18, 2021. The fruit came from the fusilier farm, maple syrup and maple sugar from Ziibimijwang.  Detroit Farm and Cider offers farm-to-table dinners with music and horse-drawn carriage rides on Saturdays through October 23.

“We’re doing this on purpose because we want to keep the traction and momentum that we have,” said King. She said that every meal has a vegan and vegetarian option. “You get a whole experience. We just wanted to make sure everyone knows we put our love, our work, and our hearts into it because, ultimately, the ultimate goal is to give Detroit a cider mill.”

The chef for dinner this Saturday is Quiana Broden from Kitchen by Cooking with Que, a café and catering company in the New Center. King says a different restaurant chef will come on board every week, and she encourages any chef interested in attending a future dinner.

Tickets are now available for dinner, which will take place on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m. until at least October 23rd. Buy in advance at Detroit Farm and Cider is located at 1600 Lawrence in Detroit.

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