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August 18, 1951

Daniel Richard Baldwin, 70, of Traverse City, traveled to see his Lord and Savior on Saturday, October 30, 2021.
He was born on August 18, 1951 in Detroit to Henry John and Shirley Ann (Anderson) Baldwin.
Dan graduated from Petoskey High School in 1969 and attended North Central Michigan College, Western Michigan University, and Northwestern Michigan College.
He was the general manager of the Waterfront Inn Hotel, broker for Real Estate One, and lender for Midwest Mortgage.
He began as Treasurer of Traverse Mortgage Corporation in 1991 and then became President of the Company in 1994. Gail Chambers shares her time and career: “Dan and I met in 1985 when he started his mortgage career in the same office. I didn’t know what to expect. Six years later we decided to start our own mortgage bank. I remember walking up and down State Street with him as we figured out exactly how we were going to do this and what it would look like. It was a huge leap of faith for both of us! Dan and I and Rick Ingersoll formed Traverse Mortgage Corporation on November 1, 1991. Dan and I took sole ownership of the “President” about three years later. Dan did a great job at the helm of our company. He was such a smart man and very good at numbers. Dan was the most trustworthy man on the planet and the most caring. We ran our company for about 17 years until we sold to Traverse City State Bank in 2008, which was a very big decision for us. Again, I remember driving around the block with him while we were struggling whether or not to do it. It turned out to be a great decision. Dan stayed there in his leadership role until he retired in December 2014. I can’t give him enough credit for all that he’s done. Together we built a great company that made careers for many who are still in business today. Dan was the angel on my shoulder. We could do so much for people. We made sure to help those in need whenever we could. We made food baskets every Thanksgiving and Christmas. That was always very gratifying for our employees. It was a whole process that everyone could feel comfortable with. There were random financial gifts to people struggling with medical or other challenges. We gave generously whenever we could.
We were fortunate enough to be very generous in sharing our Christmas winnings with our employees. We loved pampering our staff. We were like a big family. Dan loved to laugh and have fun. We celebrated everything we could. There is so much I could share! In addition, Dan blessed every person he came in contact with by showing genuine interest in them and showing that he genuinely cared. Dan put all his heart into the success of others. He changed the lives of many people forever. Especially me !!! ”
Dan volunteered at Divorce Care, Michael’s Place, GriefShare, Love and Respect Marriage Courses, Habitat for Humanity, and the National Association of Realtors.
Dan volunteered at Michael’s Place for six years as a grief counseling group facilitator. He has influenced hundreds of lives with his gentle kindness and compassionate heart. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Dan brought GriefShare, a faith-based bereavement support group, to Michael’s Place and continued to bring healing to those in our community who grieved for the death of a loved one. At the start of COVID, Dan understood the significant need to continue providing assistance and volunteered to support virtual support groups until face-to-face groups were possible. Through his thoughtful presence, he helped turn the despair of the bereaved into hope. “Michael’s Place will always be grateful that Dan became part of our family and left us with a legacy of faith in action and compassionate care for all,” said Mindy Beull, Executive Director.
Dan served on Habitat for Humanity’s board of directors for seven years, serving as president and past president. Dan led Habitat through our development and construction of the award-winning Net-Zero Depot neighborhood. He was also the chairman of our ReStore moving committee and was instrumental in the success of our ReStore move. Dan was an active member of our Homeowner Services Selection Committee and shared his extensive knowledge of mortgage loan issues until his death. Dan Baldwin was named our 2018 Volunteer of the Year because of his exemplary service and leadership skills. Habitat Executive Director Wendy Irvin said, “In addition to his titles and dedication to Habitat-GTR, Dan has been our friend, encourager, prayer fighter, supporter and confidant. He has guided us with judgment and belief over the years to derive many solutions, both personally and professionally. “Current President of the Habitat Board, Doug DeYoung, wrote,” Dan was a great champion for our organization. He was a strong leader; I really learned from him and, in the years that we shared on the board, I deeply admired him. ”
His hobbies were woodworking, gardening, bird watching, hiking, golf, and maps. For the past few years, Dan has been playing cards on Tuesdays and Saturdays with his wife, Marlene, and his mother-in-law, Chris, whom he called “Sandbag Sally”. He would affectionately refer to the card games as his weekly “Chaffin Girls Beating”.
Mike McDonald, his golf partner since 2017, said: “Dan Baldwin has been a member of the Tuesday Morning Men’s Golf League at Elmbrook Golf Course for the past six years. Dan was a great addition to our league and he was always fun to play on Tuesdays.While he was serious about his golf, Dan was always even and a model of sportsmanship, he always ended up in the top half of his flight and this year he struggled back to fourth of ten in his flight after a bumpy start. Everyone in our league will miss him very much. “Dan Neadau was his golf partner for five years and remembers meeting Daniel for the first time on the first Tuesday in May 2017.” We had so much fun on the golf course, it was us no matter how we score. The laughter we shared was priceless. Dan, keep hitting them straight on the fairway in heaven. God bless you. ”
Dan loved working in his home and called it the “Kingdom of Heaven Message”.
He was the love in Marlene’s life. She will keep alive the home and memory you have created.
Dan leaves his wife Marlene (Chaffin) Baldwin, they married on June 23, 2016 in the First Congregational Church; Brothers, James (Sandy) Baldwin, Thomas (Chris) Baldwin; Children, Melissa (Wes) White, Amanda (Matt) Chappel, Travis (Holly) Shutler, Jacob (Nikolina) Speelman; Grandsons, Lindsey, Andrew, Jacob, Alec, Madelyn, Aiden, and Collin; a niece; and nephews.
In death he is preceded by his parents Henry and Shirley (Anderson) Baldwin; Grandparents, Robert and Ellen (Hautamaki) Anderson; his friends with whom he is in heaven, Paul Holland, Bob Winnie, Norm Wycoff and Steve Strassburger.
Marlene shares that with the loss of this precious light from Dan who loved the Lord and hopes you do too, the world is a little darker.
Dan’s celebration of life takes place on Monday November 8th at East Bay Calvary Church. The tour starts at 9.30 a.m. The service takes place at 11 a.m., followed by lunch. Grave maintenance takes place at 2:30 p.m. in the Grand Traverse Memorial Gardens on Veterans Drive.
The family would like to ask that written reminders be written beforehand and placed in a basket in the church. If you are unable to attend, please visit www.lifestorytc.com to share your thoughts and more.
To watch a live stream of the funeral on Monday at 11 a.m., visit the East Bay Calvary Church’s YouTube page, Facebook page, or the website (live.eastbaycalvary.org). To watch the recorded service afterwards, visit the YouTube page at www.youtube.com/c/EastBayCalvaryChurch.
Commemorative donations can be made to Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 5412, Traverse City, MI 49696 or https://www.habitatgtr.org/donate/dan/.

Published on November 7, 2021

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