Controlled burns in the rain gardens of Ann Arbor this spring

ANN ARBOR, MI – Controlled burns are scheduled for spring in several rain gardens in Ann Arbor.

The controlled burns are planned for Miller Avenue between Newport and Maple Streets, Belize Park, Stone School Road between Ellsworth and I-94, and Arbor Oaks Park, according to Washtenaw County officials.

A rain garden is a shallow garden with shrubs and flowers native to the area that are designed to collect water and filter it back into the ground, thereby draining naturally polluted rainwater.

Controlled burns reduce invasive species and encourage native plants to thrive.

A further controlled incineration is also planned in the rain gardens of the Ann Arbor sewage treatment plant and in the rainwater basin of the Arbor Hills in the municipality of Ypsilanti.

“From an ecological point of view, it is important to burn these natural areas so that the prairie-like ecosystems continue to thrive,” the authorities said.

District officials are unable to provide a final schedule for when the burns will occur as they must be carried out in favorable weather and with no strong winds that could drive the burn out of control.

Incineration plans are drawn up for each location and an incineration permit is obtained from the fire brigade.

The Washtenaw County Office of the Water Resources Commissioner is coordinating controlled burns in the city with the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Public Services for the City of Ann Arbor.


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