Concordia University Ann Arbor is now offering a teacher certification program

ANN ARBOR – If you have ever thought about becoming a teacher, find out why now is the best time for you to achieve this important goal.

Here are five reasons why you should choose it.

Higher education is spinning faster than ever. As a student, you can take advantage of some of the innovations that are taking place in universities everywhere. There are more flexible options than a traditional four or five year path. Concordia University is now offering a teacher certification program.

This has been designed with your needs in mind. While your internship work and the students’ classes take place in person, the added flexibility of online learning is an advantage. If you need to work while completing certification, you can benefit from the flexibility of an online program.

Teaching is a particularly exciting career choice. While the schedule is somewhat consistent each day and calendar year, teaching a room with 20 unique people, each with their own personalities, can make the days go by. Every child has their own ideas, interests, challenges and successes.


In the classroom

As a class teacher, you face exciting challenges. Engaging students is always a challenge, but planning classes with your students’ interests in mind can be fun.

Outside the classroom

It goes beyond the classroom, however. Planning, organizing, and actually going on field trips will keep your feet on your feet and keep your students busy. You will have so much joy seeing how they connect what you see in a museum with what you do in the classroom.

Coaching or facilitating co-curricular activities gives you an opportunity to see your students take risks, be creative, and compete. This is a great way to get to know your students’ families and be a fully supportive community member.

Achieving a master’s degree may not be your top priority at the moment. However, research shows that those who earn a Masters degree tend to earn a higher salary, even in education. If you have completed your bachelor’s degree in three years, you can get started on your master’s degree. Our schools need highly qualified educators who are lifelong learning. Starting a Masters a year early is a great option!


You are probably used to hearing this, but there is a teacher shortage nationwide. The combination of Baby Boomer retirees and the COVID-19 pandemic has put even more strain on the system. Many different types of schools are looking for highly qualified people to teach their students. What kind of school is right for you? Try to stay open as your skills grow and you gain more experience.

Your future students need you.

They are needed not only for the work you will do as a teacher in society, but also for real children.


In 2019, WeAreTeachers published the following data:

  • 54% of the students surveyed said that a teacher helped them through a difficult time.

  • 79% of students were encouraged by a teacher to follow their dreams.

  • 83% of students said that having a teacher increased their self-esteem and confidence.

This shows how much work the teachers are already doing, but also that there is room to grow. It’s worth noting that the average teacher directly affects about 3,000 students over the course of their career. To say that as an educator you could influence society is not an exaggeration.

It’s all about your students. This has to be your main reason for wanting to become a teacher. We often categorize teachers based on the subjects they teach, completely forgetting that teachers teach students a particular subject. These students spend most of their day at school.

This means that you have a unique opportunity to become a teacher. You teach them the important concepts of a subject, but you can also use them to solve real problems. Your classroom can be a place where you can feel at home. They can grow both as citizens and in their love of learning. Students are by far the best thing about being teachers.


Concordia’s teacher certification program

If you are considering switching careers to become a teacher, Concordia’s program may be for you. This program is flexible enough to be completed on the fly.

  • Secondary school license

  • Get an MI Teaching Certificate AND a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction

  • Online format

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