Cities with the most expensive homes in Michigan | State

Stacker compiled a list of cities with the most expensive homes in Michigan using data from Zillow. Cities are ranked by the Zillow Home Values ​​Index for all homes as of May 2022. The charts in this story were created automatically using Matplotlib. The most expensive city on the list has a typical home value of $1,562,755 which is 565% higher than the state average of $234,954.

Metros with the most cities in the top 30 in Michigan

#1. Detroit-Warren-Dearborn: 14

#2. Traverse City: 5

#3. Niles-Benton Harbor: 4

#4. Grand Rapids-Wyoming: 2nd

#4. Holland: 2nd

#6. Adrian: 1

#6. Ann-Arbor: 1

Read on to see which cities made the list.

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