Ann Arbor’s new Equitable Engagement Steering Committee is looking for members

ANN ARBOR, MI – Residents interested in bringing more justice to the community can apply now to Ann Arbor’s New Equitable Engagement Steering Committee.

Members of this new committee will help define what justice and equitable engagement mean in order to find ways to give Ann Arbor a wider variety of voices and processes.

“In 2018 the city passed a One Community resolution aimed at promoting racial justice in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Counties,” said Tom Crawford, city administrator for Ann Arbor. “So far we haven’t made as much progress as we wanted.

“With this announcement, the city is stepping up its efforts to make tangible improvements in our community, which will be particularly important for those who have historically been excluded from decision-making.”

The Steering Committee will work to develop community engagement policies, tools and best practices that ensure participation is accessible and welcoming.

The members of the committee will:

  • Take an active role in refining the city’s community engagement strategy.
  • Serve as connectors for the community and organizations.
  • Ensure the quality and delivery of the results.
  • Meet regularly as agreed by the committee members.

“The city recognizes that there are perspectives that are not heard and that not all members of our community are represented in the public processes,” said Heather Seyfarth, Ann Arbor Special Projects Manager and community engagement specialist. “And ultimately the committee will work to change that.”

Interested parties can find the application here.

Or residents can request a copy by calling 734-794-6430, ext. 42590.

Applications are due by Monday, June 7th.

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