10 Best Airbnbs in Michigan in 2021

FAQ: Michigan Airbnbs

What’s the best part of Michigan?

Michigan has something for everyone.

The surrounding Great Lakes mean a cozy beach is always within reach, while smaller inland lakes are popular for boating, fishing, and paddling. Between these fresh waters lie artistic villages, bustling university towns, and large cities full of major museums and attractions.

Everyone should visit downtown Detroit at least once to experience an incredible mix of old and new, while also exploring the city to sample fresh fish like Michigan’s whitefish or perch. Head north for wine tastings, brewpubs, and award-winning cherries.

What is the best month to visit Michigan?

July and August are the hottest months, and much of the state can sneak in on a hot, humid day until the mid-1990s. Do like the locals do and head to one of the amazing Great Lakes for a quick dip.

The spring and summer months can experience moderate temperatures, making them ideal for kayaking, fishing, and city hopping.

Outdoor recreation in Michigan is popular year round, and the cold winter months offer snow-covered trails and slopes for skiing. The coldest month in Detroit is January, so these days should probably be spent visiting museums to avoid the cold.

Make sure to visit a local cider mill in the fall to melt cider fritters.

When are the best deals?

For travelers with warm weather, there are good deals in late spring from mid-April to early May. As soon as the busy summer season starts, better offers will follow once the school starts in August.

September and October offer a bit of off-season prices, but be sure to see prices rise again during the school holidays and winter holidays.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Michigan?

It’s common for Detroit and other accommodations in the city to range between $ 200 and $ 300 a night, although prices can go up during sports and special events. As summer approaches, Traverse City hotels are approaching $ 300 a night, so you should get a taste of what popular waterfront cities are like.

However, an Airbnb can help cut the budget for accommodations with smaller cottages and condos to between $ 100 and $ 150 a night, even though more than four guests sleep over $ 200 in a well-appointed home in popular summer destinations.

Can you stay at an Airbnb in Michigan right now?

Michigan is open to travelers and there are currently no restrictions or testing requirements.

The Pure Michigan website has helpful tips for travelers, including reminders to distance yourself from those you don’t travel with, as well as continued use of disinfectant and hand washing. Even if you are vaccinated, it is a good idea to wear your mask around others.

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to stay at an Airbnb right now, experts largely agree that vacation rentals are safer than hotels due to lack of interaction with other guests or employees. Airbnb also implemented reassuring new policies, including the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, which includes new host security policies as well as optional booking buffers.

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