Amazing stretch of sunny days continues

DETROIT – Is anyone interested in more sunshine?

The amazing stretch of sunny days continues, just a few pretty cirrus clouds sweep across the sky. So keep an eye out for sun dogs today – those brightly colored bright spots that appear to the left or right of the sun (caused by the sun’s rays) are broken or “bent” as they go through the ice crystals in these cirrus clouds – the same concept as what Rainbow caused).

However, temperatures vary significantly across the region due to the southeast wind (up to 15 km / h) that brings cooler air from the great lakes inland. The highs range from the low 60s (16-17 degrees Celsius) in Lenawee County to the upper 40s (9 degrees Celsius) near Lake Huron.

Today’s sunrise is at 6:55 a.m. and today’s sunset is at 6:33 p.m.

Mostly clear to partly cloudy on Tuesday evening with lows in the low 40s (5 degrees Celsius). The southeast wind moves south at 5 to 10 miles per hour.


Increasing clouds on Wednesday and I think we will keep the daylight hours dry. The highs bounce back into the low 60s (16-17 degrees Celsius) and it becomes a windy day.

On Wednesday evening, rain showers develop with very mild lows in the low to mid 50s (11 to 12 degrees Celsius).

Rain showers can be expected on Thursday, with highs in the low 60s (16 to 17 degrees Celsius). There is even a slim chance of a rumble of thunder.

The showers end on Thursday evening and some clear up later that night. Freezing until the upper 30s (4 degrees Celsius).

Partly cloudy on Friday with highs in the low 50s (11 degrees Celsius).

Partly cloudy on Friday evening with lows close to 30 degrees (-1 degrees Celsius).

The coming weekend should have plenty of sunshine and temperatures won’t be too far from last weekend’s. So if you’ve enjoyed the weather last weekend, you’ll be reasonably satisfied with what lies ahead. The highs should reach the low 40s (6 degrees Celsius) on Saturday and the low to mid 40s (6 to 7 degrees Celsius) on Sunday. We will wake up in the upper 20s (-2 degrees Celsius) on Sunday morning.


Don’t forget that we are returning to summer time this weekend. Set your clocks AHEAD (“spring forward”) an hour before bed on Saturday night so that you are not an hour late for what you have planned for Sunday morning.

Yes, we lose an hour of sleep, but we also gain an extra hour of daylight to enjoy!

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