What Advice Would Your Mom Give?

Mother’s Day is all about signing a card and picking up flowers, but one thing that takes longer than a bouquet of flowers is advice.

Growing up, my mom always taught me to take every day to become a better person.

On Mother’s Day, I took to the streets of Traverse City to find out what other helpful advice mothers had shared.

Bailey Moon says, “Probably always being on time and now chewing with your mouth open.”

Another person says, “The greatest thing my mother taught me is perseverance. If you get knocked down, you get up again. “

Lauren Courson says, “Your mother is always right, that’s the best advice.”

While some of these lessons may seem simple, their meanings have had an enduring impact.

John Lien is a member of the Traverse City Community and says his mother taught him two great lessons in his life.

He says, “You have to take what comes first, and by that I mean she didn’t want to complain. The other one wasn’t mean and she didn’t like anyone who was mean to humans and animals. “

Some use Mother’s Day to remember those who have lost them.

John says, “I tried to follow both of her words of wisdom and she lived to be almost 99 years old.”

Madison Schlegel with her mother Carolyn Schlegel.

So I turned to my mother, Carolyn Schlegel, to ask what her mother gave her best.

She says, “Patience. Be patient and always kind, and always respect your elders, whether they are a year older than you or forty or fifty years older than you. “

On this Mother’s Day I learned that the best advice is that which lives on for generations.

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