Ann Arbor’s Neutral Zone Receives $ 2 Million From Mackenzie Scott

ANN ARBOR, MI – Ann Arbor’s Neutral Zone recently received a $ 2 million donation from philanthropists Mackenzie Scott and Dan Jewett.

Mackenzie Scott announced on Tuesday June 15 that she had donated approximately $ 2.7 billion to 286 organizations, according to her website.

“Because community-centric service is such a powerful catalyst and multiplier, we spent the first quarter of 2021 identifying and evaluating stock-centric nonprofit teams working in neglected areas,” Scott said in a statement. “The result was gifts of $ 2,739,000,000 to 286 influential organizations in categories and communities that have historically been underfunded and overlooked.”

Neutral Zone at 310 E. Washington St., having been in Ann Arbor for 23 years, is a youth-run arts and leadership center providing a safe place for young people to meet and develop collaborative arts programs, Neutral Zone Executive Director Lori Roddy said.

“We are really focused entirely on our partnerships with young adults and building young people as leaders and facilitators for community impact and change,” said Roddy.

The Neutral Zone was notified about three weeks ago that they would receive this donation, Roddy said. Scott’s donation is the greatest single gift they have received from a donor, she said.

It usually takes the Neutral Zone a year to raise $ 1.2 million in donations, and that boost gives them the flexibility to see what their organization needs in the future, Roddy said.

“We’re really committed to partnerships and bigger conversations with our team, staff, board of directors, and community partners to investigate unmet needs, consider some of the big infrastructure projects, and then look at some of our long-term sustainability options,” Roddy said.

“Thank you for seeing us, believing in our work, and trusting us. It reinforces an already significant gift and encourages our commitment to do our best to our young people. “

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