Vaccinations that cause Lansing Airlines travel to increase

I just got my COVID19 vaccination a few weeks ago and the first thing I did was check the airfare for a trip to Las Vegas to see my daughter. I noticed that the tariffs have increased quite a bit compared to a few months ago. I booked it anyway. I am ready to go back to normal and live again.

I like to travel and only got on a plane once last year because of the pandemic. I’m so ready to fly to one of my favorite cities, Las Vegas.

Check this out, the people in Mid Michigan are getting ready and eager to head to their favorite destinations. According to, the COVID-19 vaccinations are in full effect.

We are gradually seeing that demand is rising again and the airlines are reacting, said Robert Benstein, interim president and CEO of the international airport in the capital region. In 2019, Capital Region International had 178,000 boarding schools. Last year that number dropped to 67,000.

If you remember last year, people said the airports were like ghost towns. Also, the planes were pretty empty and all of the middle seats were vacant.

However, it is still very important to remember that health professionals are still telling people to take all precautions. We still have to wear masks and hand sanitizer.

Plus, airlines see a lot more people making reservations during the summer.

Happy flying kids and enjoy your safe journey.

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