UPDATE: Lansing charitable to give away 2,000 boxes of grocery local news

TF Cam student Cam Sanchez (center) helps distribute £ 30,000 of groceries at an event held at First United Methodist Church in Lansing in October. Sanchez is hosting another giveaway on Saturday.

John Luke, Files, The Times

LANSING – With the return of warmer weather, the grocery giveaways organized by TF South Senior Cam Sanchez are also being organized.

Once again, Sanchez is partnering with First United Methodist Church in Lansing, 18420 Burnham Ave., to give away 2,000 boxes of groceries on Saturday. The event starts at 10 a.m. and lasts until 1 p.m.

Sanchez’s original plan was to give away 1,000 boxes, but learned on Saturday morning that the suppliers would instead deliver 2,000 boxes for distribution.

Co-sponsors include Lansing Trustee Brian Hardy and Chicago’s Finest Ironworks.

It is the latest such giveaway that Sanchez has organized through We Are Lansing, the nonprofit organization he founded.

Last fall, We Are Lansing distributed boxes of groceries at several events and also gave away toys before Christmas.

The giveaways organized as drive-thrus because of the pandemic will continue. But Sanchez looks forward to expanding We Are Lansing’s efforts.

“We want to maintain healthy relationships,” he said, citing the programming tied to March as the month of women’s history and March 8 as International Women’s Day.

The organization will host Mental Health on Mondays on Instagram and Facebook, with contributions from the TF South Girls Club, among others.

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