Two firefighters injured in a fire in Lansing townhouse

LANSING, me. (WILX) – We learn more about a fire that set a house on fire in southwest Lansing on Friday.

The neighbors gave News 10 an eyewitness account of what happened, and it was definitely a dangerous scene. A firefighter was taken to the hospital on a stretcher after part of the roof collapsed on top of him.

Firefighters say no one was in the Sycamore townhome unit when the fire started. People in neighboring units said it felt like something out of a movie.

Gage Parker says he broke the door to his neighbor’s apartment when it became clear it was on fire.

“I just got out of the shower and heard my mother scream,” said Parker. “I came out and there was a lot of smoke over there and I kicked the door in to make sure no one was in there.”

Nobody was home even though the fire was hot enough to break through the roof when the firefighters got here, making it a danger to the surrounding houses.

Michael Tobin, Deputy Chief of the Lansing Fire Department, said: “It is very unusual for us to see such a large, so rapid fire in the middle of the day in an occupied neighborhood. But they attacked it quickly. “

No one who lived in the apartments was injured, but two Lansing firefighters were injured. One of them serious enough to go to the hospital.

“The first time I kicked the door there was flames and it all came back to me,” said Parker. “Like a movie.”

Day’jain Lenoir says he ran out of his house with a fire extinguisher to help. He grabbed his basketball jersey tomorrow in case the fire spread.

“Like he said, it was like a movie,” said Day’jain. “There was smoke everywhere.”

Donlunto Jackson lives on the other side. The fire has just missed its unity. He says he is grateful that the fire department got here immediately.

“I looked out the window to see what day it would be,” said Jackson. “There’s no telling how close it would have come if they hadn’t come here.”

Investigators didn’t say what caused the fire or if there was anything suspicious about it.

The fire department informs us that the firefighter who is in the hospital is conscious. He is being treated at Sparrow and is expected to be fine.

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