Traverse Metropolis, Up North weekend climate: Temperatures will vary depending on location

The weather this weekend here in northern Lower Michigan will be at the heart of a bitter wind off Lake Michigan. At least the sun will be outside this weekend.

If you have to travel, rainfall is not expected anywhere in northern Lower Michigan or all of Michigan.

Here are the low temperature and high temperature forecasts for Saturday and Sunday. I think you’d better plan for it to feel a lot like winter Saturday and almost like Sunday.

Low temperature forecast for Saturday March 6th

sat high

High temperature forecast for Saturday March 6th

Sun is sinking

Low temperature forecast for Sunday March 7th

Sun highs

High temperature forecast for Sunday March 7th

So you can see that it’s a cold weekend for Traverse City and northern Lower Michigan. Temperatures start on Saturday for teenagers, but only in the single digits on Sunday. Temperatures will find it difficult to warm to around 32 degrees across the Grand Traverse area and all of northern Michigan. It gets especially cold when you’re near Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, or Lake Superior. At the very least, the cold will come with lots of sunshine, and that will go a little bit to ensure that you don’t feel as cold as the thermometer shows.

Wind will be brisk across northern Michigan on Saturday as winds from the northwest blow from 10 to 20 mph. That’s a steady breeze right in front of Lake Michigan and creates a wind chill that is 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature.

Saturday wind

Wind forecast for Saturday at 1 p.m.

Sun 1 p.m. wind

Wind forecast for Sunday 1 p.m.

The big story is that the wind changes from northwest to southeast on late Sunday. Although the wind is weak on Sunday, the direction shows that there is a strong warming up early next week.

Sunday afternoon is the best time to get outside, with sunshine and a lessening wind that isn’t blowing from the water.

Have a nice weekend.

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