Traverse City Armory Undergoing Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Work

“One of the things we looked at was the age of the facilities, the condition of the facilities.” – Delbert Avery

Michigan’s Army National Guard bases are spending millions to make improvements aimed at improving conditions for the women who serve.

The multi-million dollar makeovers are coming to 35 armories across the state, and next on the list is Traverse City. The state budget for 2023 sets aside $100 million in funds (half each from both federal and state sources) to modernize local facilities.

In Traverse City they’re spending $2.8 million for renovations and maintenance.

Army National Guard Tc RenovationsMost of the work is aimed at improvements for female soldiers, like restrooms, showers, and lactation rooms. With more women joining the guard in recent years, the work here was long overdue.

“We’re modernizing this armory to include women soldiers when it comes to equitable facilities,” Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs Master Planner Delbert Avery says. “We’re taking it upon ourselves to reshape the armory so that it allows for inclusion and development of that. So we have to tear it apart to put it all back together.”

An engineering unit is currently assigned to the Traverse City Armory, Avery says. More than 130 soldiers call this place home.

Work at the Traverse City Armory should be finished before the fall of 2023.

Four other Michigan Army National Guard sites will also see renovations next year, including Big Rapids.

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