Today in historical past: Reed City leak probe continues | News

November 2, 1921

Men are tearing down the old GR and I depot, which was built 50 years ago and was used as a depot until 26 years ago. Since then it has been used as a cargo house until it has been a warehouse for the last few years. The dilapidated building stands behind the Lyric Theater along the tracks.

November 2nd 1971

A barn with an estimated 10,000 hay bales was destroyed by fire at around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The barn owned by Edwin Hulett was about four and a half miles east of Buckley. The cause of the fire was suspected to be spontaneous combustion. A tool shed and the Hulett house, also on the property, were not damaged. Buckley Volunteer Fire Department dispatched a vehicle to the scene of the fire and focused on rescuing the house and tool shed and fighting the fire. The cattle were not in the stable and were unharmed.

November 2, 1996

While four members of Reed City’s city council attempt to re-elect on Tuesday, they and the rest of the council are under investigation to identify who leaked a confidential memo on a police brutality case. The September 16 memo includes City Attorney David Porteous’ assessment of the Darwin Mahar case, which Porteous gave copies of to the city manager and each member of the city council during an executive meeting. Later, after it was changed to hide its confidentiality, the memo was given to Mahar’s attorney Mike Mathews, who in turn leaked it to the media. On the recommendation of Porteous, the city opened an investigation two weeks ago to find out who gave the memo to Mathews. “I definitely planned to do a special investigation to find out who did this if Porteous didn’t make a request,” said Councilor Larry Emig. “This is probably one of the lowest things ever to have happened in relation to a breach of trust.” City manager Phil Rathbun hired John Conn of RNI, a Traverse City private detective firm, to investigate the case for $ 45 an hour. Conn is currently interviewing Rathbun and all council members. “I have no idea how long the investigation will take,” said Rathbun. “I suppose it won’t be that long.”

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