This Rhubarb Gimlet Will Be Your New Favorite Spring Cocktail –

A real gin gimlet apparently comes from the British Royal Navy in the 19th century. The lime string it contained was supposed to prevent sailors from developing scurvy. How fitting that it was also the cocktail of my late maternal grandmother, who spent her retirement years sailing around the globe as a passenger on freighters. She was born in May. To celebrate her birthday, I often pour her favorite drink this spring. In it, I replace Rose’s lime juice (which these days is loaded with corn syrup and high fructose coloring) with a homemade rhubarb liqueur. Rhubarb stalks are just as sour as limes, but bring us that welcome burst of spring pink. The end result is so colorful that numerous friends over the years have asked me about the recipe. I think “Bardy” – a graduate of the University of Michigan and Michigan State – would be happy to make his Traverse debut.

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