The photographer and architect from Ann Arbor opens a studio co-working space as a “clubhouse” for creative people

Ann Arbor photographer Abby Rosenbaum and Ann Arbor architect Lisa saved Recently, a longstanding dream came true by co-founding a studio / office collaboration space for local creatives.

Located on 1946 Packard St. in Ann Arbor, StudioStudio has a spacious 1,000 square meter open studio. Amenities in an adjacent 500-square-meter communal work lounge include a kitchenette, desk, laser printing and scanning, secure WiFi, and phone booths for private calls.

“There is nothing in the city that is comparable to our space,” says Rosenbaum. “Ann Arbor has a lot of collaborative space, but nothing special for local creatives. We decided we had to build it ourselves.”

She says the room was supposed to open earlier in May but “the pandemic happened and it was cosmically bad timing.” It was instead launched in August, and Rosenbaum says the space’s user community has grown steadily since then. In fact, StudioStudio was booked every day this month.

“It got really scary for a minute, so we’re really excited about the amazing interest we had,” says Rosenbaum.

StudioStudio was born primarily for photographers, but other creatives are welcome and have taken advantage of the venue. One selling point is the amount of natural light that flows in. In addition, high quality blackout curtains offer flexibility for those who need studio lighting.

“The room was an old dry cleaner that had been around for 50 years and that we basically gutted,” says Rosenbaum. “We have these great windows and a roll-up garage. It’s a great room that can really do a lot of different things.”

People have used the space for a variety of projects so far.

“We have a number of influencers, people who need good lighting, and people who want to use our props to film content,” says Rosenbaum. “For example, there’s a food blogger who uses our cute kitchenette. Last week a group from UM came in and did a commercial for skin care products.”

The venue has also hosted a number of small, intimate gatherings such as micro-weddings and dinner rehearsals. Some art exhibitions are on the books for the near future. For detailed information on amenities, costs, packages and bookings, visit the StudioStudio website.

“We are working on serving the local creatives almost like a kind of clubhouse and would be happy if more people join us as we grow,” says Rosenbaum.

Jaishree Drepaul’s brother is a freelance writer and editor and currently lives in Ann Arbor. She can be reached at [email protected].

Photo courtesy of StudioStudio.

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