The number of murders in Lansing compared to the previous year is twice as high

It seems that this world is just going crazy these days. Sometimes I have to avoid the news for a few days because of the violence in the world recently. My daughter lives in my hometown of Chicago and says that her neighborhood has gotten to a point where she needs to be careful when going out. She says shootings and murders are happening again in the Windy City. According to, things don’t seem to be any better here in the Lansing region.

All of us in this great city of Lansing are not pleased to hear that the murders have doubled from a year ago at that time. It saddens me that 6 people were killed in Lansing in 2021 and some of them were teenagers. The murders in Lansing City took place at three o’clock in May last year. These poor families Families have been going through too much. The Lansing Police are working hard to resolve it. Everyone is just wondering why?

The Lansing Police Department issued this statement;

The department continues to work diligently on the murders without arrest. Every day, the detective groups assigned to the cases track the leads, interview people and collect evidence.

Hopefully the rest of the year will be safe for everyone. This has been incredibly difficult for most of us over the past 16 months, especially those with lost loved ones due to COVID19. Now that the vaccines and the pandemic are getting better we must make every effort and be kind to everyone around us. Let’s bring positive thoughts into this world and be there for all those in need. It will come back and bless us. Please stay safe.

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