The new location for the Yourist Studio Gallery doubles space and classes

ANN ARBOR, MI – Yourist Studio Gallery had been grappling with space issues for a while, but the pandemic made them more apparent, said Kay Yourist, the studio’s owner.

“So we decided to move,” said Yourist. “And in this step we can improve on all of the things we faced during the pandemic.”

The studio at 1133 Broadway Street expands from 2,144 square feet to 4,600 square feet with the move to 6087 Jackson Road. The company has been in the lower town for 20 years.

Yourist Studio Gallery offers pottery classes, an artist workspace, tool shop, and gallery of art for sale.

In its current location, the studio will have to choose between hosting a class and having the staff in the room work independently, Yourist said. There is always room for both at Jackson Road.

“I’m very excited about the people who really want to immerse themselves in the clay,” Yourist said. “We’ll have more opportunities for them to do this because we’ve reserved an area where people can work around the clock, regardless of whether there is a class or not.”

Those who want to use the studio space frequently can also register for membership at the new location.

More space also means a large number of more frequent lessons. Yourist said she is planning a full schedule of beginner and advanced bike throwing classes on weekdays and weekends.

One project class starting in June is a Big Pot Plus class, where students learn how to use new equipment and make pottery up to 20 inches in size.

Groups looking for a fun activity also have more options for try-it events, Yourist said.

The equipment at the new location will also improve, e.g. B. more table surface, a larger area for glazing the ceramic and a new furnace that is used to harden the ceramic.

The new room will open on June 5th with a coffee and clay event to kick off the summer courses.


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