The City of Ann Arbor introduces its new online permit system

ANN ARBOR, me. – Ann Arbor residents can now pay for permits and services online thanks to a new software system launched Monday by the City of Ann Arbor.

EnerGov software enables community members to request inspections, pay bills, search public records, and apply for permits through the STREAM online portal.

The online system developed by Tyler Technologies will automate processes and reduce the need for face-to-face interactions in town hall, improve customer service and convenience, and increase productivity, the city said.

“The City Clerk’s Office is pleased to be a partner in this project,” said City Clerk Jacqueline Beaudry in a press release. “We look forward to enhancing our customer experience by offering online application and payment options for our popular permits and licenses, including dog licenses, dog park permits, and backyard bird permits.”


Currently the software is in the first phase so only certain permits and services are available.

Later in April, more processes will be available for STREAM, including building and trade permits, submitting and reviewing plans, land management, records retention and licensing of rental apartments.

  • Dog license

  • Dog park registration

  • Auctioneer license

  • Banner allowed

  • Block party permits

  • Poultry allowed (backyard chicken / duck)

  • Commercial user of the license for road sealing

  • Commercial Quadricycle License

  • Domestic partnership certification

  • Precious metals and gemstone dealers

  • Exit from the business license

  • License for manufactured fertilizers

  • Marijuana plant

  • Noise allowed


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