The Lansing-born, well-known nail artist talks about traits in life

Famous nail stylist and Lansing County native Jenna Hipp is the manicurist of stars like Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba and Lea Michele. Hipp has also started her own line of green nail and beauty products and owns her own nail agency, Nailing Hollywood.

She recently took a few minutes to get an inside look at national and business developments in Hollywood.

It’s an interesting time for nails and nail art right now – especially in Hollywood. In the past few years, my agency, Nailing Hollywood, has seen a huge drop in celebrity and editorial nail art requests.

Not only that, brands of nail polish fall like flies. But why? The requirement is simply not there that normal, unqualified people do nail art on themselves. The recession is over. Everyone is returning to the salon, especially with extra chic and trendy “dry bar” style salons, including Olive & June and Mini Lux, which have several luxurious yet affordable salons with designer brands like Chanel and YSL.

Even so, beauty brands and artists are constantly trying to reinvent themselves. I even see the most seasoned nail art professionals pushing their limits to create something fresh and exciting that will delight consumers and regenerate the market.

This is true. So many are completely over gels, acrylics, and nail art and are looking for a more natural routine instead. There is no doubt, however, that beautifully executed nails still maintain that “cool factor” that even celebrities cannot resist. Due to the ease of use and the lack of drying time, nail wraps are becoming increasingly popular. I see people playing with different textures and painting alternatives to create custom, interesting nail art.

Additionally, natural nail care and clean formulations will be in high demand as people look for past damage, which is what my Jenna Hipp brand is focusing on. 2017 will be interesting.

I’m excited!

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