Sunday open thread: Which Detroit sports team is the closest to winning a title?

We’ve had some tough times as sports fans in Detroit, but nothing compares to what we’re up against right now. All four of the big Detroit sports teams are in the process of rebuilding, so we’re used to losing. The Lions and Red Wings have not reached the playoffs since 2016. It’s been seven years for the Tigers, and while the Pistons made the 2019 playoffs, they were swept by the Bucks, dumping all of their best players to finally start a real rebuilding.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. It seems like the Lions finally have their head coach to get them out of this mess, all they have to do is acquire the talent required to compete. The Red Wings built up the design fantastically and caused a stir as early as 2021. The Pistons have since broken their losing streak and landed a potential superstar in Cade Cunningham. Finally, the Tigers have earned so many high draft picks that it looks like they’ll finally turn to a new leaf in the next few years.

That brings us to today’s question of the day …

Which Detroit sports team is closest to a title fight?

My answer: red wings.

If I had to sort the teams according to who has the best chance of winning a championship in the next five or six years, it would be like this:

1. Red wings
2. Tiger
3rd piston
4. Lions

That is not to be said. I don’t believe in Lions because I think that because of their talent, they are the furthest away. There aren’t really many stars on this soccer team, while the other big Detroit teams seem to already have some of their building blocks. I would only put the Tigers above the Pistons because of the parity between the two sports, but it’s very close for me and I don’t know if there’s a wrong answer here.

It’s your turn.

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Which Detroit sports team is closest to a title fight?

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