Hassan Haskins shouldered the role as Michigan’s primary running option

ANN ARBOR, Michigan – Michigan’s two-headed barrel attack was cut in half on Saturday with Blake Corum’s sudden injury, placing (and bearing) more responsibility on Hassan Haskins.

The Redshirt junior, who runs back, set a career high for Carry (27) in the Wolverines’ 29-7 win over Indiana at Michigan Stadium and set a new career high at 168 in rushing yards. Corum was paused early, in the first quarter after his first carry, so Haskins could handle the remaining workload.

“It was a different feeling,” said Haskins, who now has a team high of 829 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns this season. “I’ve been praying for Blake all day, but it was definitely a different feeling. You know, I had to do the job. “

After the game, head coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t say much about Corum – “It’s somewhere less than serious,” said Harbaugh – but praised Haskins for his “big game,” pointing out that Saturday marked St. Louis . The fourth Mon Local 100 yard rushing game of the season.

He also noted “the big game,” Haskins’ 62-yard run that helped establish Michigan’s second touchdown of the game and the 17-7 lead.

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“I try not to let all the pressure overwhelm me,” said Haskins, adding that his approach involves “keeping your head” and “calm (behavior)”.

“Do what I do best,” said Haskins. “Just play soccer.”

Prior to Corum’s injury, Michigan was careful to split the carries (almost evenly) between the two backs. The coaching team valued their diverse skills and used them to the advantage of the offense – Haskins often used them in early down and distance situations while they relied on Corum to lead larger run games outside. They often work together, complementing each other and their strengths, and giving the Wolverines options.

With Corum’s status unclear for next Saturday against Penn State (noon, ABC), Haskins could continue to receive much of the workload.

“I have a good feeling as the game progresses,” said Haskins. “I’ll get better as the game progresses.”

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Michigan tight end Luke Schoonmaker added, “It’s great to have him by our side, definitely. He runs so hard every game. We don’t expect anything else from him. And he’s constant and just a power horse. “

To make matters worse, Michigan is currently missing the position. Third-row running back Donovan Edwards was sidelined for a second straight week with an unknown injury, leaving the Wolverines with few options in the running game.

Real freshman Tavierre Dunlap (2 carries, 8 yards) saw action late in the game on Saturday – but it was the first time he had received more than two carries in the entire season.

Which weighs on Haskins more, who sounds ready and willing to take on the role. He even got some advice from Mike Hart, the running back coach, a guy who knows a thing or two about how to do the lion’s share of the job.

“He just told me to get ready,” said Haskins. “It’s going to be a long fight – and it was. Many wear.

“My body feels good. I’ll take how many carries they give me. I am not complaining.”

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