St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor is nearing capacity as Michigan hospital stays for COVID-19 increase

ANN ARBOR, MI – Hospital admissions for COVID-19 are growing significantly in Michigan, and St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor is among the hospitals nearing capacity.

On Monday, April 5th, St. Joe’s was 99% busy according to the state. Hospital officials said there were 81 COVID-19 positive patients as of Wednesday morning April 7.

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The average age of COVID-positive patients there is around 54 years, said David Vandenberg, chief medical officer at St. Joe in Ann Arbor and Livingston. Previously, the median age was around 66 years old.

Most of the patients are from the Ann Arbor area, he said.

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Vandenberg attributes the increase in hospital stays to fewer vaccinated young people and virus variants that are present in the state and are more easily transmitted. All adults in Michigan were able to get a COVID-19 vaccine on Monday.

“While we have made progress in vaccination efforts nationwide, demand is still greater than supply,” Vandenberg said in a statement. “Not everyone had access to the vaccine yet, mostly younger people, which explains the virus’ transition to a younger population. Second, there are several variants currently in Michigan that are more easily transmitted from person to person, which explains the increased number of cases. “

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The neighboring Michigan Medicine Health System had 76 COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized on Tuesday afternoon, according to the dashboard.

Vandenberg urged people to consider vaccination as it will protect against infection and make a vaccinated person who receives COVID-19 less likely to need hospitalization. The vaccines appear to be effective against multiple strains of the virus, he said.

Washtenaw County reported 222 new COVID-19 cases and 14 hospitalizations in a 24-hour period as of Wednesday morning.

St. Joe’s in Ann Arbor is one of 16 hospitals according to the state with a capacity greater than 90%. Four were 100% busy – Beaumont Wayne, McLaren Port Huron, McLaren Oakland, and Ascension St. Joseph Hospital in Tawas City – and five were 99% busy, including St. Joe’s and Bronson Methodist in Kalamazoo, Henry Ford Macomb, and Hurley in flint.

Across the state, 11.9% of inpatient hospital beds are used to treat COVID-19 patients – an increase of 203% since February 28.


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