Some elementary school classes in Ann Arbor canceled Monday due to a fiber optic cable

ANN ARBOR, MI – Some Monday classes at Haisley Elementary School in Ann Arbor are canceled due to a fiber optic cable.

According to an email from Haisley Elementary School principal Dante Watson to students, staff and the community on Sunday April 4, the fiber optic cable is affecting several operational functions of the school.

The team that can fix the cable is understaffed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Watson wrote, so the repair is not expected to be done until late afternoon on April 5th.

“(It is necessary) in AAPS schools for the safe operation of school buildings, enabling phones, firefighters, security cameras, Internet and other vital health, safety and learning functions,” Watson wrote in the email.

Kindergarten teachers and first and second graders do not have any personal or virtual lessons on Monday. Same goes for stand-alone and Y5 classes at Haisley Elementary, 825 S. Duncan St., Watson wrote.

Third to fifth grade students will continue to study virtually on Monday as planned.

With repairs expected to be completed by late Monday, classes for all Haisley Elementary School classes are expected to resume on Tuesday March 6th.

“We’ll keep you posted, Huskies,” wrote Ann Arbor Superintendent Dr. Jeanice Swift on social media, referring to the Haisley Elementary mascot.

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