Rey keeps beating sizzling, but dragons fall on Lansing

But Mike Siani and Jose Tello struck and the Dragons lost 3-1 to Lansing, grabbed a winning streak in three games and settled for a split of the six-game series. The Dragons (8-4) fell with Lake County to first place in the East Division.

“I saw a baseball game that was played well and played well,” said Bragg. “We just didn’t get that one goal with a man in goal position – we didn’t have a lot of options.”

The dragons were held by four Lansing pitchers for four hits. Rey had three of them. He extended his streak to 10 games when he swung 3-0 to divert the first inning and hit a high chopper against the third baseman. He went left with two in the sixth and was kicked out to make it a double.

Rey was the league batsman of the week, May 3-9, averaging .3333, four homers and 12 RBIs. He played five of the week’s six games against Lansing. He was 11 out of 19 for a batting average of .579 with two homers and three RBIs and will again be a candidate for batsman of the week. It only ran once, but only crossed it out twice.

“As you can see and feel the ball well, get greedy and get as many hits as you can,” said Bragg. “He usually sees the ball when he swings it so well that he puts the ball into play.”

Lansing scored two goals in the fourth game against starter Eduardo Salazar (1-1), with Austin Beck scoring two goals, followed by Ryan Gridley. They added a run in the eighth on a base-laden walk.

The dragons’ other hit on Sunday was a double in the fifth from Mariel Bautista. Bren Spillane followed for a walk but was picked up first by catcher Drew Millas to end the inning.


Dayton in South Bend, 7:05 p.m., 980 p.m.

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