Oldest woman in Lansing shares memories

We all hope for long healthy lives and it would be great to see three digit numbers. Of course, the first thing we older people ask is what their secret is, and although the answers vary, many have smoked and drank or done things that were not always good for them. Some seem to eat and live healthily after stories I remembered. One woman I remember reading about years ago says she drinks a glass of red wine every day. I think inheriting good genes is a plus too.

I love that from “Irene Dunham of Lansing”. She is the oldest person in Michigan and a survivor of so many things. Check this out, she survived the ugliest school massacre in US history, says fox47news.com.

This amazing girl turned 113 on December 16th, and even more incredible is that Irene has a son who has the same birthday and he is 75 years old, his name is Bruce. She recalls the Bath School massacre in 1927 and says she was a senior in high school at the time. Irene stayed home sick that day so she wasn’t at school. She didn’t spare that, but not quite:

She remembers being home with her mom and they heard the explosion, they both jumped in the car and drove into town to see what it was about … and then they saw what the school explosion and that Slaughter and all that were. What she saw was absolutely terrible. This included mothers kneeling over their children and crying.

When Irene was 90, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and survived both surgery and chemotherapy. She even drove her car until she was 106.

She has seen some bad things in her long life, but she has also witnessed an amazing story over the years. God bless you Irene.

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