NFL mock draft: San Francisco 49ers select Trey Lance

The first two picks in the 2021 NFL Draft feel almost inevitable at this point. Most design experts agree that third pick really is where design starts, and even then, after last week’s big deal, it seems pretty obvious what position the San Francisco 49ers will place in third overall.

But it remains a drama. Is it mac jones? Is it Trey Lance? Or will Kyle Shanahan and the gang target Justin Fields?

We won’t fix that today because Kyle Shanahan won’t have anything to say in the Pride of Detroit Community’s Shock Draft. Instead, commentator Elgarraz will act as general manager of 49ers. Before we get into the selection, here’s how the board has fallen so far.

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With the third election in the Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected quarterback Trey Lance from North Dakota.

Here is Elgarraz with the explanation:

San Francisco didn’t act except for third place so they could take a corner.

What do the Niners get with Lance? He’s big for one, at 6-foot-4,224 pounds. He didn’t run on his pro day but the tape shows a very athletic QB. He throws well out of the pocket and makes a few dazzling games with his feet. Lance struggles with mechanics on certain types of throws, and with just a full season of college-level start-up experience in 2019 (and a smaller school), he could really use a little more time in the oven. San Francisco can give him that.

Jimmy Garoppolo is still under contract, but San Francisco could cut him or act at any time and fail to score a big cap hit. He’s having some serious problems staying healthy (25 games in the last three seasons) but the Niners hope he can buy some time for Lance to get trained. The Niners would love to trade Jimmy G either mid-season or the next off-season, so getting his stocks up is of interest to both parties. This fits perfectly with Lance in situational situations.

Do you know what goes well? Trey Lance stuck in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. They run outside of the zone, play action, make space, and they LOVE good athletes. With a RAS of 5.01,

Jimmy G was testing as the definition of the average, and that was before the injuries. Again, no RAS for Lance for not running, but he probably would have ended up in the High Nines somewhere. It fits in nicely with what Shanahan is already doing, with the bonus of adding an RPO crease to that offense. This offense wants to attack, attack, attack, create space and control the clock. Lance will do this in a way Garoppolo cannot.

Erik Schlitt’s thoughts:

Elgarraz is right, the 49ers have acted to draw a quarterback. The question is: is Lance the obvious choice or is a possible surprise like Mac Jones (Alabama) in the works?

49ers GM John Lynch and trainer Kyle Shanahan were in Alabama on Tuesday watching Jones throw while neither competed in Lance’s pro-day earlier this month. Like Lance, Jones is a great fit for the 49ers’ offensive program, offering skills similar to Garoppolo, only younger, healthier, and cheaper.

I think this election is closer than most want to believe, but at the end of the day, the 49ers who keep Garoppolo and his $ 26.4 million salary this season betrayed their intentions.

One of the advantages of Jones’ draft is that he is pro-capable and has a rookie contract that would allow the 49ers to free up $ 23.6 million in wage caps. The only reason the 49ers would be willing to eat so much of a cap hit would be to have to buy time for Lance, who has a significantly higher development cap but isn’t there yet.

So I agree with Elgarraz, Lance is the choice here.

The Atlanta Falcons are on the clock.


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