Mother’s Day Meal Kits from Marrow Detroit

On Mother’s Day, the Dynami Foundation is partnering with chef Sarah Welch of Marrow Detroit to provide a range of 25% of the proceeds food sets for breast cancer research, most notably the Restaurant Outreach Fund to provide screening and mammograms for hospitality in the Detroit area Manpower. Chef Welch is offering three packages for dinner ($ 150), brunch ($ 80), and a mimosa kit ($ 60) for pre-order and pick-up on Saturday, May 8th. The brunch menu includes smoked salmon blini plates, asparagus burrata salad, petit Lorraine quiche and cinnamon rolls. For dinner, the package offers: shrimp toast, cherry tomato salad, charred asparagus, pastrami salmon and a strawberry tart. Mother’s Day meals are limited and can be ordered here:

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