Metro Detroit climate: Heading to the 80s

We are still waiting for the last bits of cloud cover to exit the area mainly on the east side and into Canada this Tuesday morning. Most of Metro Detroit has already cleared and cooled nicely with temps in the upper 50s to low 60s as you head out for that walk with the dog. We will see some spotty or patchy fog in the usual spots this morning so please be a little extra careful in those rural and hilly areas. Other than that, it’s totally dry as you hit the road heading anywhere and everywhere.

Sunrise is at 6:49 am

We are still one month away from the Autumnal Equinox and Summer is holding on strong this week. You will see partly cloudy skies becoming mostly sunny in the middle of your Tuesday morning here in Metro Detroit with afternoon highs in the lower 80s. The humidity will not be a problem with manageable mugginess for the next couple of days. The winds will be on the lighter side NW to WSW 5-10mph helping to direct more mild air our way making today an absolute keeper. It’s still comfortable shorts weather for all of those students who went back to school this week.


Sunset is at 8:22 pm

Wednesday will be another summer beauty here in Metro Detroit with comfy 50s to low 60s in the morning if you would like to keep those windows open. But, you may want to crank on the AC with a little bump in temps and humidity through the afternoon tomorrow. High temperatures will hit the middle to upper 80s feeling closer to 90F with a warming wind SW 5-10mph. The humidity will max out this week on Thursday and Friday with some rain showers possible during that stretch.

Thursday would be the warmest day of the week if not for more cloud cover moving over SE Lower Michigan and Southern Ontario with highs in the low to middle 80s. If we can fend off the clouds, highs could flirt with 90F but it’s not likely. A few scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are possible in the late afternoon and/or early evening. Don’t cancel those outdoor activities as this does not look like a widespread dose of rain and it may arrive after sunset.


Friday morning will come with some cloud cover and a stationary front down to our south. That means a few light showers are possible, especially the closer you get to the border of Ohio during the morning hours. Afternoon sunshine will help highs head back into the lower 80s. Saturday will be one to get out there and enjoy with sunshine and lower 80s. Sunday looks a touch warmer in the middle to upper 80s feeling more like the low 90s with an isolated shower or storm possible. The odds for showers and storms improve on Monday of next week according to a couple computer models and we must remember it’s almost a week away. We’ll keep an eye on it. Get the free 4 Warn Weather App to steer you clear of storms and any trouble as we go through these remaining days of Summer.

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