Large garbage dumps are constantly being dumped in Lansing’s niece

LANSING, me. (WILX) – An alley in a neighborhood of Lansing has become a hotbed for illegal dumping. Neighbors in the area next to Comstock Park, minutes from downtown Lansing, are fed up with seeing this again and again.

Jeffrey Kimble has lived in the neighborhood since 1973. He says the alley has been a widespread illegal landfill for 20 years. But Kimble says it has taken it to the next level in the last year or so. It has become a haven for living beings and he says people come and throw away bag after bag late at night.

“I’ve seen rats, I’ve seen {rac} coons, I’ve seen all kinds of things,” says Kimble. “Sometimes you can even see deer walking down the alley!”

Ram Singh says he lived on his current street for a year and a half. He says he saw about 25 bags of trash dumped in a single dump. He believes it came from a nearby complex due to the amount, abundance, and similarity of the types of bags. He says there are rodents everywhere.

“I’ve seen possums, woodchucks, rats crawl over this stuff,” adds Singh.

Kimble says Lansing City knows the problem and is coming to fix it.

While covering this story, News 10 saw a crew who said they had been signed by the City of Lansing and recently cleaned up a mess. The crew said they had seen more illegal dumping in Lansing lately.

“They’ve been down here at least eight or nine times in the past two months,” says Kimble.

Both Kimble and Singh want the city to put up a sign telling people not to empty or put a camera on a pole in the alley. Neither of them saw the perpetrator (s) in action, but Singh says he just wants to live in a clean area.

“I don’t think it has to matter where you live – the financial situation of your neighborhood – anyone can keep their place clean.”

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