Lansing’s Alliance for Racial Justice and Justice notes that the city lacks data on equal living space

The city needs more data on equity, affordability and education, according to Lansing’s Alliance for Racial Justice and Justice.

The group presented the finding during a community update on Zoom Thursday.

Mayor Schor formed the group in July 2020 following a series of calls for police reforms and changes to systemic racism following the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The alliance, which consists of four committees, is developing a plan to combat housing insecurity in order to reduce the differences between people of color.

Susan Cancro, co-chair of the Alliance’s Housing Committee, said safe living is essential to a child’s academic success.

“Inconsistent housing is the number one reason kids don’t graduate from high school. We want our children to be safe. You can’t do that without safe shelter, “Cancro said.

The guide also includes a recommendation to provide lead detection kits to tenants.

The group will submit a final plan to Mayor Andy Schor before the end of May.

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