Lansing Pharaohs join the Basketball League

LANSING, me. (WILX) – A new basketball team is coming to Lansing.

Next summer, the Lansing Pharaohs will meet the hardwood as part of the Basketball League.

Team owner Chris Jackson owns a number of pot provisioning centers across the state, including one coming to Lansing. However, his passion has always been basketball.

When the Basketball League asked him about an ownership option, he jumped at it.

“Lansing and central Michigan deserve the opportunity to have a professional sports basketball team,” Jackson told News 10.

Jackson’s goal is to win, but he hopes the team can get involved in the region – and not just between the whistles.

After all, it’s the goal of the league itself.

“These basketball league players are typically from the communities where they play,” said Evelyn Magley, league CEO. “Not only do they sign the shoe, they go to school to support people, they run youth clinics, they work in shelters for the homeless and non-profit organizations. They are literally ambassadors in the communities in which they live. “

Jackson says the hard work off the pitch will match the talent on the pitch, and Lansing will bring high-level basketball.

“You’d have the majors, the NBA, the G-League is more triple-A, and we’d drop a ball somewhere between double and triple.”

When Jackson thought of the name of the team name, he went to topics he loves: kings.

Then discovered the connection from centuries ago.

“It was interesting to me to find the use of the work ‘Lansing’ in ancient Egypt during the reign of a pharaoh, and so it all came together as we thought about the name.

The team still has a lot of work to do to find out where it will play and who will train it.

As soon as you have made these decisions, we can inform you.

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