Lansing needs to stop unfair restrictions on my rental home

In 1881 my great grandfather Edward Husband immigrated to Chicago from his family’s dairy farm in Wales. After decades of hard work on the railroads, he bought a lot at Dewey Lake in West Michigan for $ 100 and built a cottage. And 95 years later I am proud to say that it is still in the family and the permanent residence for me, his great-granddaughter.

But times change – sometimes for the worse. Today, bureaucrats in my city are following in the footsteps of city officials across Michigan and trying to prevent me from using my property as I see fit. I need Lansing’s help to stop them.

The railways have been bringing summer vacationers to my city for generations. It has been a tourist destination for a long, long time with an economy based mostly on agriculture and summer travel. The resorts are thriving and people have always rented vacation homes for vacationers. Over the past few years, people have been using online sources like Airbnb and other vacation websites to do this.

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