Lacrosse: Oregon’s Drew Kessenich set to play at Division I Detroit Mercy | Sports

Drew Kessenich hoped to find a town to play in that would mirror how the Oregon senior played the game of lacrosse.

Kessenich feels he found this fitting when he recently signed up to play lacrosse with Division I Detroit Mercy.

“I loved the coaching staff and the culture there,” said Kessenich. “Detroit is a working-class city and I like to think of myself as a hard worker.

“I can see myself growing as both an athlete and a person at Detroit Mercy.”

Playing college-level lacrosse has been a dream of Kessenich since second grade. The pre-eminent Oregon man spent many weekends watching college lacrosse and attending games. Playing in college, even if it was Division II or Division III, was always on the cards for Kessenich.

“This sport has been a huge part of my life for a while and I knew I wouldn’t be ready to quit competitive sports after high school,” he said.

Last season, Kessenich was fifth in scoring with 76 points (53 goals, 23 assists) in 15 games nationwide and was named Big Badger Conference Player of the Year.

“I have to say that many things have led to my success,” said Kessenich. “Of course, the work during and after the training makes all the difference. But number one has to be the coaching and support of my teammates. If it wasn’t for these guys, I would never have followed college lacrosse. It’s always a great time with these guys and they are one of the main reasons I fell in love with the sport. “

The Panthers finished last season in the state’s semi-finals and eventually lost to Waunakee 16-8. Oregon finished the season 13-3 overall and 8-2 in conference play. They ended the regular season with a winning streak of eight games.

“We were very impressed that we were the first Oregon team in history to make the point, and we were proud of the season as a whole,” said Kessenich. “But we seniors and the rest of the team know that we can win a national championship this year. The rest of the seniors and I have been playing together since about fourth grade, so we definitely want to get out with a title. “

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