In Lansing, free, hidden classes are offered for young minorities

LANSING, Michigan – People in Lansing turning 21 this year can get their hidden pistol license for free through an initiative launched by organizations aimed at removing the stigma around young adults with minority groups who carry guns.

“We really want to flip that switch in people’s minds to believe that black and brown teenagers can own guns for the same reason most Americans do,” said Erica Lynn, co-founder of Village Lansing.

That was the motivation to start the free CPL class in Lansing.

“So we’re doing a 21 for 21, they say,” said Michael Lynn Jr., co-founder of Village Lansing. “Everyone who turns 21 in 2021 is eligible for free CPL courses and is sponsored by Village Lansing, Black Lives Matter Lansing, and Mikey 23.”

The class is taught by Lynn. He said his goal was to prevent young people from having problems with law enforcement.

“What we have noticed over the past few years is that many young people suffer their first crime by illegally carrying a firearm,” said Lynn. “One of the things we do is get these kids’ licenses to already be wearing what they were wearing.”

The eight-hour course covers gun safety, gun handling, when and when not to fire, and much more. Once the classroom study is complete, it’s time to get up to range.

Michael Lynn Jr.

Lynn said one of his favorite parts of the day was building bond with students.

“Even today I was able to look after many of these young men, tell them about my life and they tell me about theirs,” he said. “I was also able to answer questions about weapons that you might now like to ask others.”

Classes run year-round and interested Lansing residents can register after their birthday.

People under 21 can register, but the cost is $ 100.

The students say they learned a lot.

“Lots of people that I know must be legally promoted,” Sequon Gilliam said, “and I wish they had come, or I wish I had told them so they could have the same opportunity before they did get in trouble to protect yourself. ” yourself.”

If you would like to donate to the project, click here.

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