Grand Rapids Applebutter Fest a go this year

The annual Applebutter Fest takes place again this year in Grand Rapids and local businesses are ready for the hopefully large crowds that will come their way in October.

GRAND RAPIDS, Ohio – The annual Applebutter Fest is back this year, and local businesses like Wild Side are ready for the huge crowds on October 10th.

Bar manager Sara Kirk said they already plan to open three bars and have several new beers on tap.

“It is going to be great. It’s a party, ”Kirk exclaimed.

In downtown Grand Rapids, companies like the volunteers are preparing for the festival. The festival has been going on for 40 years, according to its website, and brings tens of thousands of people to the small village.

Although COVID-19 has closed many major events, the event’s co-chair Chuck Thomas said the festival is back but don’t expect any major changes.

“No, because it’s something special,” explained Thomas.

On a rainy Wednesday, several parishioners came to the old fire station to peel 35 bushels of apples. Thomas explained that these peeled apples will be made into apple butter on Saturday. Then on the Saturday before the fresh apple butter festival on October 10th, another 35 apple shepherds will be peeled.

In addition, 25 bushels will be set up in the town hall for a cider press demonstration during the festival.

Chester ‘Chet’ Vollmar was sitting at a hand-cranked apple peeler, grabbing a bushel by himself. He’s been a festival volunteer for 40 years and his reason for doing so is simple.

“I kind of like doing it. You know, we meet and talk to people. Something like that, ”said Vollmar.

According to Thomas, peeling apples is one of the best preparations for a party.

“You are always busy and talking. The job is just done. You know, it’s not that it’s a chore to do, look at, and work on. It’s just a nice community event, ”said Thomas.

Kirk said the brewery, along with many downtown businesses, was preparing for the thousands of visitors because this festival is unique.

“In Northwest Ohio, we don’t have as many events like this one that are really unique and special,” noted Kirk.

Thomas added that visitors are encouraged to be pandemic safe. As a result, hand washing stations and sanitizing stations will be available, and the Wood County Health Department will be on-site offering vaccines. Masks are welcome, but not compulsory.

Thomas said it’s all about safety.

“We think we’re ready as far as possible,” said Thomas.

Visit the Applebutter Fest website for more information.

We’re still on track and look forward to seeing you at the 44th annual Grand Rapids Applebutter Fest downtown …

Posted by Grand Rapids Applebutter Fest on Friday 3rd Sep 2021

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