Fire-Roasted Sweet Corn Cream Ale | Food

Bottoms up
By Anna Faller | November 13, 2021

Down-to-earth drinks are popular at the Terra Firma brewery. The idea of ​​master brewer John Niedermaier, Terra Firma has been pumping unprocessed pints since the opening of its tasting room door on a farm south of downtown Traverse City in 2013. And as the state’s first agricultural brewery – complete with an artisanal aquifer – Terra Firma grows almost every one of its ingredients on site. Think of their fire-roasted Sweet Corn Cream Ale as the cream of Terra Firma’s crops.

This eccentric ale was developed more than two decades ago and has a not-so-secret secret to its long-term success: lots (and lots!) Of local sweetcorn. Hundreds of ears from Stonyfield Acres in Empire are hand peeled and grilled to form the base of the brew. After that, well … these details are top secret, but the subtly cute and unique nose will keep you from amazement. “Close your eyes,” says Niedermaier. “It takes you back to summer picnic tables, friends, and potato salad with all the trimmings.” $ 5 per pint. Find it at 2959 Hartman Rd. (231) 929-1600,

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