MDHHS Updates COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance For Michigan Schools – CBS Detroit

LANSING, Michigan (CBS Detroit) – Michigan Department of Health and Human Services updates guidelines for schools amid spike in COVID.

According to the department:

  • You isolate if you are infected with COVID-19 and test positive even if you have no symptoms. The purpose of isolation is to separate people who are infected with COVID-19 from those who are not.
  • You quarantine if you may have been exposed to COVID-19. This is because you could potentially become infected with COVID-19 and spread COVID-19 to others.
  • Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not go to school regardless of vaccination status and should be tested for COVID-19.

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The department also recommends universal masking for all K-12 schools.

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“Schools can now be safe as children from the age of 5 can be vaccinated,” said Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, MDHHS Chief Medical Executive. “We continue to urge all eligible residents to receive the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible as it is our best defense against the virus. Masks, distancing, quarantine and isolation are additional strategies that keep our schools and public spaces safe. ”

COVID-19 quarantine guidelines for asymptomatic students contain:

  • Fully vaccinated contacts without symptoms do not need to be quarantined.
  • Contacts who are not fully vaccinated and have no symptoms:
  • If masking has been retained, contact persons can participate in school activities if they wear a mask for 14 days after exposure and use a “test to stay” strategy *
  • If masking has not been maintained and additional testing and mitigation strategies are used, contacts in school activities can participate in the Local health department discretion .

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