ESPN Dan Orlovsky says Detroit Lions almost cut him Matthew Stafford

The Detroit Lions almost cut ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky for voicing Matthew Stafford who may not have been properly deployed a few seasons ago.

Orlovsky took to social media Friday morning to share his thoughts on how the Los Angeles Chargers have used young quarterback Justin Herbert lately.

“If the @chargers don’t stop asking Herbert to play soccer cautiously / fearfully / fearfully, they’ll inflict a regression on themselves, Pep and Steichen made him play AGGRESSIVELY, now they’re asking him to play far too much risk averse. ” Orlowsky commented.

When asked if Chargers’ offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, who also served in the same role with the Detroit Lions from 2014-2015, did the same to Matthew Stafford, Orlovsky made a surprising revelation.

“I was almost circumcised because I told the people who had to hear it,” Orlovsky shared.

The use of Detroit’s former No. 1 quarterback can be debated as many felt that head coach Jim Caldwell got the best use out of him as his gambling conservatively capped his sales.

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On the other side of the coin, a gunslinger also had to use Stafford’s gun talent while limiting sales potential.

One possible reason the current ownership may have felt the need to change culture over the past 12 months was not to take seriously the advice of the players closest to the situation.

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