Downtown Grand Rapids Inc Looking For Artists

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. invites artists to the Activate This Place scholarship program. The program awards artists and makers with up to $ 5,000 per project.

The group is looking for those who want to install public works of art, do pop-up performances, turn spaces into parklets, and much more. These placemaking initiatives are designed to bring life and energy to otherwise boring and sometimes neglected areas of the city.

What is placemaking? According to the city, this is a way to redefine unused spaces, facilitate social interaction, and improve the quality of life for people in the community.


To achieve these goals, the Activate this Space Grant program of the DGRI organizes three key areas:

  1. Public art installations, programming, and interactive initiatives through the Placemaking Grant.
  2. Art installations through the Window Activation Grant.
  3. Enhance public space and convenience for people with the Parklet Grant.

If you have a new and creative idea to “activate” a room in downtown Grand Rapids, you can get details and apply at If you’re looking for inspiration, the application includes targeted “activate” locations like the Van Andel Plaza, Ionia Wealthy’s retaining wall, the corner at Ottawa & Fulton, alleyways and numerous empty storefronts in downtown Grand Rapids.

In the past dozens of projects in the city have received grants, including the Fish Ladder Park Mural, Cloud Corner at Pearl & Ionia, the Fish Splash Sculpture in Canal Park, Urban Tumbleweeds at the Blue Bridge, and the Diversity Mural on Commerce.

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