Diners, drive-ins and dives visited two other Lansing restaurants

Should we talk to Food Network and Guy Fieri about changing Lansing’s nickname to Flavortown? It’s worth thinking about how much diners, drive-ins and dives have been filmed in the Lansing area lately.

Triple D Nation pulls through Lansing for a second serving

Diners, drive-ins and dives headed through Lansing this October to film for Triple D Nation, stopping at four restaurants in the Lansing area along the way. All of this was previously shown on Guy Fieri’s Show on the Food Network.

We found out about Triple D’s stop at the Meat BBQ in Old Town Lansing. No word on what types of dishes might be included in the upcoming episode.

We also learned that diners, drive-ins and dives made their way to Joe’s Gizzard City in Potterville. Owner Joe Bristol told us that he prepared two dishes for the shoot: The Triple D Breakfast Sandwich and the Pork Beef Nacho Supreme, both pictured below.

Photo courtesy Joe Bristol via Facebook Photo courtesy Joe Bristol via Facebook

Thanks to the Lansing State Journal, we now know what other restaurants Triple D visited here: Eastside Fish Fry & Grill and Zaytoon Mediterranean Restaurant.

We are so excited to see which dishes will be presented in the next episode. Or even episodes!

Hopefully diners, drive-ins and dives will come back to Lansing to visit the Capital City BBQ again. The LSJ said owner Lihn Lee, like other restaurants, is “struggling to hire enough staff to deal with delivery bottlenecks.” Unfortunately, Lee also “recently lost a loved one”.

Let’s do our part to help our community! If you have the resources and the ability, try eating or dining out at a local restaurant rather than a national chain.

Guy Fieri still has a lot to do in the Lansing restaurant scene. We hope the next time he’s here he checks out a few new places as well. Whenever the episodes of these restaurants are broadcast, they always see an increase in traffic. We have some suggestions for where else he can stop in town.

Lansing restaurants to feature at dinners, drive-ins, and scuba diving

The restaurants in Lansing listed below are the jewels of the city. If you haven’t visited all of them yet, add them to your list. We think Guy Fieri should add her to his list too, so he can introduce her next time he returns to Lansing for diners, drive-ins and dives.

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