Traverse City man charged with threat of terrorism

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY – A Traverse City man was charged after allegedly posting a video threatening a mass shooting in downtown Traverse City.

The suspect, Andrew Jonathan Nickels, 24, was indicted on November 3 in Grand Traverse County’s 86th District Court on false report or terrorist threats, a 20 year criminal charge, and / or $ 20,000. If found guilty, he must also reimburse the authorities for the costs he incurred as a result of the violation.

He was given $ 100,000 bail.

His next scheduled court date is November 17th at 9:00 a.m.

The arrest and prosecution of Nickels came from the Lansing State Police Operations Center, which received information from Facebook about a post on a November 1st mass shooting. Facebook shared a video posted on social media with state police in which a man threatened downtown Traverse City.

Nickels was identified as a suspect and local law enforcement agencies were made aware of the situation and helped coordinate efforts with the MSP to maintain public safety.

According to a state police press release, Nickels had previous encounters with the police and displayed anti-police behavior. The Grand Traverse County Attorney’s Office has been contacted and an arrest warrant has been issued for a false report or threat of terrorism in one case. Due to the nature of the threat, the MSP Emergency Support Team was activated to make the arrest and secure the crime scene for the execution of a search warrant.

The search warrant was carried out on November 2nd in a residence on Gladewood Lane in Traverse City. The suspect surrendered after a brief argument with the emergency team. During a house search, the soldiers found a loaded AR-15 rifle and a tactical vest with rifle trauma plates.

The MSP was assisted by deputies from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the Traverse City Police Department.

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