Detroit Tigers thinking about replacing outfielder Victor Reyes

The Detroit Tigers continue to cycle through their off-season, weighing options and deciding which players to target under this free agency process. One of the things the organization is reportedly doing is finding an outfielder.

The rumors most recently linked the Detroit Tigers with free agent outfielder Starling Marte. The major league veteran may not be bad on a one-year contract, but the Tigers seem intent on replacing Victor Reyes from the team’s outfield.

Victor Reyes is a former Rule 5 draft pick who has partially patrolled the team’s outfield for the past four seasons. He wasn’t particularly exciting, or the player the Tigers had apparently hoped would break out.

Reyes finished a 2021 season in which he logged 76 games, slashing .258 / 0.284 / 0.416 over 209 at-bats with 19 extra base hits, 22 RBI and 55 strikeouts. The 27-year-old outfielder wasn’t the best addition to the outfield, and it appears the Tigers are done with that experiment.

The Detroit Tigers explore new options for the team’s outfield.

It is already known that Robbie Grossman will be returning for the 2022 season and will patrol one of the outfield slots as he miraculously finds ways to get to the base. Also, a new Rule 5 draft pick is entering its second season with the Tigers, Akil Baddoo.

Assuming Grossman is an everyday player and Baddoo is an almost everyday player leaving another sport, likely two more players who will be in the rotation. As it stands, there are some internal options if the team feels Reyes needs to be gotten rid of or just pushed into a banking role.

With Daz Cameron in the minors, he’ll likely keep fighting for a bigger change to finally break out, if that ever happens. But Derek Hill, a former first-round pick who was a late bloomer, deserves serious looks.

Even if you look at Hill as one of the players, it seems like the Tigers are looking to add another outfielder to the mix. While spending millions for someone like Marte can be a way to prove they’re competing, Riley Greene will be here sooner than later, and it seems silly to spend money when the future of the outfield is likely to be something that needs to be addressed across the board.

It’s easy to see why the Tigers want to replace Reyes; The question is whether now is really the right time for it.

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